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In-home private
etch n' Wine - glass etchin' parties

  • Couples Date Night?

  • Got a group of friends?

  • Bridal Entourage Parties?

  • Whats your idea?

  • Inquire about details and pricing

Hand-etched glass by you!

YES C'mon, join me to create your custom piece. 


Dori Welcomes Your Curiosity.

Invite your friends and enjoy the comfort of your own place!


Dori will assist you, in accomplishing & completing your, Tangible satisfaction. 

We are going to have fun and learn different techniques with glass etching. Using Dremel tools and etching creams, you’ll create proud pieces, that will initiate great gifts ideas (Holidays coming!) You might, crave an addiction to experience more. 

*Only $60 per./person ~ Great Holiday / Gift giving Special


*Included in your price, will be 1 Glass of your choice and all the tools and materials needed with there being a variety of glass, to choose from, like wine glass, beer stein, coffee mugs, little mirrors and more... 


**Extra pieces of glass will be available to purchase for an additional $10.00. Should you have time or would like to etch a 2nd glass or just take the matching glass with you to etch at home.

                                           Have your own dremel? Feel free to bring it!

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